Web Applications

We design modern and responsive web applications. We deliver latest web apps with awesome user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX). Our apps are also tested on variety of devices and screens sizes.

Mobile Applications

We design Android and iOS applications. We host these apps on their respective app stores and ensure that they meet the latest security standards. We also maintain and update them when neccesary.

Data Analytics

We examine and tranform your data collection process in a way that we can easily generate useful information from it. Your data is evaluated to make logical reasoning and conclusion.

ML and AI

We design algorithm that uses your data to predict new output values. We also conduct business process automation (BPA) and predictive maintenance (PM). We also able to design AI from your set of data.


We ensure that all products meets the latest security standards and are updated when neccesary. Ensures continuous testing.

Latest Technologies

Adopt the latest and greatest technologies at all times. Develop an internal systems and have an Allgift Tech ecosystem.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support or our clients.

What we add to clients business

You get the following and more when you choose us.

Focus on what you do best.

Let us handle the technology side of your business while you handle what you are good at.

  • We ensure that any repeativie processes are replaced with tech.
  • We give our clients a global footprint.

We let you know your numbers.

Knowing your business numbers are ike knowing the biological vital signs.

  • We let you know every performance metric of your business.
  • We develop optimized models to ensure that the client achieve the expected goals.

Our Mobile Apps are vigrously tested.

Data Security, encryption and privacy protection.

  • We ensure that our apps are tested to meet the latest standards.
  • Rigrously tested to ensure that no security vulnerability is found.
  • Privacy Protection and Data Security is our priority.

We Deliver On Time.

No deadine is too short for us.

We ensure that we deliver to our customers on time.